Saturday, August 20, 2016

WJ Drive systems, or, What is QuadraDrive?

Jeep has a confusing naming system for their available drive systems.

2wd WJs are not covered here - this is a really a 4wd blog. 

       AWD/N/4Lo NP247 TCase
       Varilocks factory "limited slips" in both axles
          I've quoted "limited slip" because these units, like a Gov Loc, will lock up.
          They're very good when properly driven. I have yet to find a decent Youtube video tho.
       2wd, 4Part Time, 4Full Time, N, 4Lo - NP242 tcase. 
       Select units came with Varilocks on both diffs, but most were open in both diffs
       AWD/N/4Lo NP247 TCase
       Both diffs are open

Axleshafts are not interchangeable between Varilock and open differentials.
If you plan on going to an ARB or Detroit locker (or lunchbox locker), Varilock owners will need to swap out both axleshafts to open differential units in each axle undergoing this upgrade. IF you're thinking lunchbox locker, you'd need to change the carrier, making it prohibitively expensive - you might as well do a real locker.

I have an Aussie lunchbox locker in the back of my QuadraTrac truck and I get outdriven by QuadraDrive trucks.

Plan accordingly.  :)

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