Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Choosing a rock slider for your WJ

I've been looking long and hard at rock sliders for the WJ.

I long ago learned this is the #1 mod you make if you actually wheel your truck, or the rocker panels pay.

This is a good read: Choosing rock rails

For commercially produced rock rails, JCR came out at the top for me. They're well rated by owners, and they provide door protection - with the depth of the door, that's important. They're priced in the middle, which makes them great value for being the #1 pick.

I also really liked the Spadano offering. It replaces the rockers with their slider, creating more ground clearance. This is a great solution if the rockers are rusted or otherwise damaged. The new door joint isn't as pretty as stock if that's important (see the pics). Since mine are immaculate, cutting them up doesn't make sense.  These are also one of the more expensive solutions.

Here are the other ones I reviewed. Check out the links.

Rating company price Notes
10 JCR 399  
9 Spadano 450 Rocker replacement! BUT - front fender is unprotected. Not as pretty as stock.
  DB MEtalWerx 350  
  Rocky Road 329 Not very good side protection (seems like, site provides conflicting text/pic)
  Hard Rock 4x4 380 Doesn't really protect underbody, hangs out
  Kevin's offroad 400 Not that sexy. "I have the KOR sliders on mine and if I'd known ahead of time that they mount "inside" the pinch seam, I would have went with another brand. I'm now going to have to modify mine to extend outside the pinch seam. Mine were also supposed to be the "new" design, but they don't stick out nearly as far as they describe them on the website. I measured them and they seem to be the old design. "
  TAG 425 Lame
  IRO 500 Are you insane?

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